Decades of single track dedication

A passion project turned into a global festival

Chloë’s mission is to offer an inspiring & educational experience to the trail & mountain running community. We share stories, expertise, quality content, latest research, experience, struggles, sweat, laughs and special moments.

An opportunity to learn and thrive !

Meet runners from around the globe

Vibrant with energy !

The fest is designed with passion, a weekend filled with excitement in a fun, cozy and non-competitive atmosphere. We bring a team of international and humble speakers & elite runners to share their love, expertise, and experience- success & challenges.

The fest is about people, learning, and to be a stride forward

To share my passions is part of my DNA

Chloë Lanthier | Festival Founder & Director

A competitive runner since the age of 12, her love for speed on the track continued towards long distance and accumulating vert on dirt & snow. She has been engaged in the sport of running for decades across North America & Europe sharing her passion both through her consulting business and by offering running camps & educational seminars to the sporting community. Chloë is a professional certified running coach (NCCP) with a Masters in Biomechanics & Human performance and a BA in Science of exercise physiology. She brings 25+ years of knowledge & experience. She is the author of two books, the latest, Sans limites, édition Guérin-Paulson 2022

Topics we strive for



First edition sold out in 24 hours with runners from 16 nations


Second edition we doubled our number of participants


Third edition was 100% virtual 6 days, 10 speakers, a success, to cancel due to the health pandemic was not an option


Fourth edition new fest base camp, we added short films, trail & mountain book culture and doubled our program

We run the festival as a nonprofit delivered with 100% passion