I do believe one of the best feeling in sports is progressing.

Gaining fitness, getting faster, running longer, covering more distance, having more energy, running more vert, walking less, recovering quicker, waking up in the morning feeling fresh versus tired and sore, running with no pain, eliminating overuse injuries… and crossing the finish line with a PB !

We gain confidence when we progress

We can’t differentiate body and mind, brain and muscle, physiology and thoughts.

You built a believe system when training and by progressing

We progress with smart training.
Smart training is about quality not about the amount of weekly volume you put in- it’s so much more than just running.
It’s about focusing on training strategies.
The ones that builds your body and mindset into an athlete.

Fitness is work in progress
Training strategies are about acquiring competence- skills.

You need a tool box of skills
Not lifting weights but building strength where you need it

Not heart rate zones focused but lowering perception of efforts
Not endurance but increasing resistance to fatigue
Not diet but food strategies
Not pain but perseverance

Not mental toughness but mental elasticity
Not walking but running
Not slow training but not slowing down
Not DNF but crossing finish lines
Not foot placement but cadence
Not stretching but maintenance
Not forcing mechanics but economy
…. etc

This is some of our focus for this year festival. We will share training & racing strategies (more than often overlooked & neglected) that will unlock your running potential and give you a drive to progress regularly without injury.

Knowledge is power !

Each of our 15 speakers will give you a key to that tool box which will help you progress efficiently and consistently. You will also receive a special Swiss army knife by the end of the fest to help you unscrew challenging race situation !

Sports is about sensations it makes us feel good, strong, in control, powerful, energized, insecure, scared, vulnerable, we cry, we laugh, we stop, we give-up, we start again, we don’t give up and we accomplish !

Discipline, perseverance, patience, adaptation and intention can’t be bought, you have to work for it.

Better to look ahead and prepare, than look back and regret.

Last note, don’t rush progress
Breath passion and love the process

Take your time, harness your drive and take good care of yourself.
Keep improving. Keep growing.

I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks,
Be a stride forward & get inspired


News are published bi-weekly until the fest weekend !