When I founded the festival back in 2018 my mission was to give back.
Sharing experience, expertise, knowledge, passion and to inspire others.
 New this year I am excited to be donating 50% of all registration fees to the Brave like Gabe Foundation, Gabe is the perfect representation of what the festival thrives for…
You can be an athlete no matter what ! – Chloë

“From the very first day I was told I had cancer in 2009, I knew running would be a big part of my journey back to health. It has truly been my refuge ; when everything else seems to be going wrong and the outcomes are far beyond my control, I can find perspective and hope on the run.”
Come meet Gabe on Friday evening of the fest opening, we will view a short film of her story.

Important Notes

  • Friday & Saturday evening events are free to all festival participants
  • Sunday evening is free but you have to preregister
  • Unlimited fest pass for 150€ includes all events except Sunday afternoon the Individual run analysis. Those need to be booked separately.
  • You can register for masterclasses and clinics individually
  • Checkout our FREE events !